1. Arc Welding - 5 days Practical training

It features a simple approach to welding for beginners and the foundation to become a coded welder.

2. Basic Grinding Course-3 days Practical Training.

All welders need to use a grinder safely and effectively. Power tools is part of a welders mechanics necessary for cutting metal to size.

It gives welders an opportunity to use power tools effectively and safely minimizing accidents in the workplace.

3. Basic TIC Welding Course-5 days Practical Training.

An advancement to more technical welding procedures and allows a client to become more skilled and confident.

4. Basic MIG Welding Course -5 days Practical Training.

Features a specialist machine and steady hand to prove readiness for workshop welding and structural work.

5. Flux Core Welding Course-5 days Practical Training.

6. Stainless Steel Welding Course-5 days Practical Training

7. Aluminum Welding Course-5 days Practical Training

8. Training in manufacturing of burglar bar and safety gates

9. Trade Test Preparation

10. Welding inspection services

11. Welding Equipment sales and services

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